"Marilyn is truly a valued resource for our organization.  She is an insightful executive coach who understands our partners, our business and the challenging environment in which we operate.  Due to her vast experience, Marilyn is highly skilled at providing thoughtful feedback and recommendations as to how our partners can optimize their performance, which in turn directly benefits our professionals, our business overall and certainly, last but not least, our clients."
Steven J. Kimble
Chairman and CEO of Deloitte Tax LLP

"Throughout my corporate career leading talent management and leadership development functions, I turned to Dr. Marilyn Puder-York when I needed a coach to work with a valued senior executive who needed to change his/her behavior in order to continue succeeding. Marilyn's background differentiates her. She brings deep clinical perspective AND, because she was a corporate executive herself, she understands the "unwritten rules" of organizational life. Marilyn knows what it takes to thrive even in the most challenging circumstances. She speaks executives' language. She's a quick study, with a no-nonsense approach. She uses her laser-like insight to assess situations and individuals; then she guides her clients, providing practical advice, and achieves outcomes that benefit both the individual and the organization."
Lauren Ashwell
Organization Consultant and Leadership Coach

"There are so few people that have the capacity to bring out the best in others, and to help them find their own truths in a very complex world.  Marilyn is not only one of the smartest people I have ever known, she is one of the most compassionate, empathetic and genuine.  She is a treasure to anyone who is blessed to have her touch their life!"

Andrew H. Banoff
President & CEO
Jewish Senior Services

"Executives are no-nonsense individuals who want trustworthy feedback, pragmatic advice, and intelligent insight from their confidants. Marilyn Puder-York gives that as coach, mentor, behavioral change agent, and counselor to top management."
Janice Ellig
CEO The Ellig Group

"This book is like Dr. Marilyn Puder-York herself - warm, wise, down-to-earth, practical and eminently useful. She cuts through psychological jargon to lead leaders through their path to a more powerful grasp of the present they operate in. Anyone who aspires to be an effective leader can benefit from the tools she provides."
Amanda Bennett
Director of Voice of America and Pulitzer Prize Winning Editor and Author

"I have interviewed Dr. Marilyn Puder-York and quoted her extensively in my books as a resource on executive stress and behavioral issues in the career arena. In my view, she is one of the best authorities out there. She communicates clearly, wisely, and gets to the heart of the matter efficiently." 
Gail Sheehy
Author Passages, and New Passages

"I know no one more insightful and wise than Marilyn Puder-York. More than possessing keen powers of analysis, Marilyn unfailingly offers spot-on and practical advice. She is a true resource for those confronting thorny problems in the business world."
Adam Namm, former U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador

“Marilyn is a highly skilled coach, working with top executives and seasoned leaders in helping them to develop their strengths more fully, and address behavioral issues that may hold them back from greater success and impact. Marilyn is insightful, appropriately challenging and supportive. She is skilled and experienced in using a variety of feedback tools and coaching methods to ensure a successful engagement.” 
Samantha Gilbert
Chief Human Resource Officer, The Ford Foundation

"A no-nonsense, straight shooting pro. She can deliver relevant immediately helpful knowledge to executives about their behavior more efficiently than any other delivery mechanism that I have been exposed to or, in fact, know about." 
William I. Spencer
Late President Citicorp/Citibank

"Street smarts and corporate savvy in one professional. A rare find."
Walter B. Wriston
Late Chairman and CEO Citicorp/Citibank